Services We Provide

We are a full service structural engineering and consulting firm specializing
in preparation of CAD generated construction documents for the structural
aspects of all projects.  Additionally, we perform structural condition
assessments, change-of-use investigations and structural strengthening, and
cladding design and investigation.  We are experts in Extreme Event
Assessment Analysis and Mitigation as well as Sustainable Structural Design.

We focus on the following markets and project types:  commercial,
institutional, higher education, multi-family residential, civic, hospitals,
industrial, and retail.  

Although our services and expertise can be tailored to individual projects,
we generally provide the following services:

Our Staff is currently licensed to provide Structural Engineering services in
the following states:

We are currently seeking licensure in the States of
Arkansas and Louisiana.
     +  Structural Engineering Analysis
+  CAD generated Structural Drawings
+  Consulting Services
+  Project Management
  +  Alabama
+  Connecticut
+  Maryland
 +  Michigan
 +  Mississippi
+  South Carolina
+  Texas